Badger Fire Extinguisher AFFF Foam

Product Code: F-250

Highest Class B Foam fire ratings in the industry.

Badger’s unique line of portable foam fire extinguishers contain an alcohol resistant (AR) type of aqueous
film-forming foam (AFFF).They are specifically formulated for optimum performance in a hand portable fire extinguisher.

This means when sufficiently applied,Universal Ultra’s vapor sealing capability can actually prevent a fire from happening.

Badger foam units are effective on Class A common combustibles as well as hydrocarbon and polar solvent types
of Class B flammable liquids, so they eliminate the application guesswork often associated with other foams.

The unique synthetic base of Universal Ultra foam has no offensive odor, is non-toxic, environmentally-friendly,
biodegradable and extremely simple to use and clean up.

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