Badger Pressure Water Fire Extinguisher

(2.5G /9L)
Product Code: WP-61

For commercial and industrial Class A fires.

Badger’s water extinguisher is ideal for Class A fires involving common combustibles such as trash, fabrics, wood and paper.

Water is economical and easy to clean up. The Badger model WP-61 water fire extinguisher has additionally been UL tested and listed as a “Loaded Stream” fire extinguisher.

When properly charged using the Badger AC-40 potassium acetate loaded stream charge (P/N 00792) this extinguisher is approved for low temperature applications down to -40°F (-40° C).

For specific recharge instructions, refer to the nameplate and service manual (P/N 24642).

The time proven design of the Badger WP-61 Water fire extinguisher makes it extremely effective, simple to use, inexpensive and easy to recharge.

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