Semi Recessed Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

(5lb, 10lb, 20lb, Semi-Recessed or Fully Recessed)
Product Code: NF102, CE950

102 & 950 Series fire extinguishers cabinets are constructed using the best quality metals and designed to offer durable, safe and practical storage of a wide range of fire extinguisher types and sizes.

All cabinets are available from stock in an extensive selection of sizes for recessed or semi-recessed wall mountings.

Standard units provided with full-length semi-concealed piano hinges, flush stainless steel door latches and completely finished with a baked enamel paint that can be used either as a primer base or as a final finish coat.

Optional door and trim available from stock in stainless steel with a No.4 satin finish. All stainless steel cabinets are standard with fully concealed SOSS hinges. Coloured stainless steel, mirror finishes, bronze or brass materials also available.

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